Ninth News

Ninth News
– 9th Infantry Division Related Updates –

Here you will find articles related to the 9th Infantry Division that have been published online or in newspapers or that happened in relation to this website / webmaster.

October 2018:
During the 4th edition of the annual “Meeting of the sons, daughters and veterans of the Huertgen Forest Battle” weekend in Duren early October, I met the great author and historian Edward G. Miller. Mr. Miller wrote the best book available on the Battle in the Huertgen Forest, “A dark and bloody ground”. This book has been my main inspiration to start researching the 9th Infantry Division, and his book, info and sources have been a tremendous help in finding out more about the subject. It was great to finally meet him in person.

Edward G. Miller and Yuri Beckers

Edward G. Miller, author of A Dark and Bloody Ground and Yuri Beckers.

August 2018:
My friend Jack Dauner at the Purple Heart Dinner. Jack served with the 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division.

Jack Dauner Purple Heart Dinner

My friend Jack Dauner, 60th Infantry Regiment veteran, at the Purple Heart Dinner.

October 2017:
Participated the 3rd “Meeting of the sons, daughters and veterans of the Huertgen Forest Battle” last weekend. I met up with some great people related to the 9th Infantry Division.

My friend Harry Stumpf was there. Harry is the son of 3rd Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment Commander Robert H. Stumpf.

Harry Stumpf and Yuri Beckers

Harry Stumpf and Yuri Beckers near the Siegfried Line’s Dragon Teeth.

Mike Mooney donated some of his father’s items to the Vossenack Museum, and this was the first time he got to see the display. Very special.

Mike Mooney

Mike Mooney and Yuri Beckers standing next to the display of Mike’s father’s items, 1st Lt. Mooney.

It was a great pleasure to meet author Douglas E. Nash in person! I had read his excellent book “Victory was beyond their Grasp: With the 272nd Volks-Grenadier Division from the Huertgen Forest to the Heart of the Reich”, and he mentions the 9th Infantry Division in his book as well. He has great knowledge of the area and the actions there.

Douglas E. Nash and Yuri Beckers

Douglas E. Nash and Yuri Beckers.

Also met up with W. Blanchard, who wrote “Our Liberators – The combat history of the 746th Tank Battalion“, now a hard to find book! The 746th Tank Battalion supported the 9th Infantry Division on many occasions. 

W. Blanchard and Yuri Beckers discussing actions of the 746th Tank Battalion.

W. Blanchard and Yuri Beckers discussing actions of the 746th Tank Battalion in support of the 9th Infantry Division.

I am also very honored to call Mr. Albert Trostorf my friend. My German friend is the Mayor of the pretty town of Merode, but also a great historian on the Huertgen Forest Battle. He has written several books about it, and often can be found in the area showing families and veterans the former battlefields. His support means the world to me. Albert is also the driving force behind the “Meeting of the sons, daughters and veterans of the Huertgen Forest Battle” weekends. This picture below was taken during the first event of these weekends, in 2015.

Yuri Beckers and Albert Trostorf

Yuri Beckers and great historian and Mayor, Albert Trostorf.

August 2017:
During our stay in Portland, Oregon, I recently visited Jeffrey Michael Kauffman.  Jeffrey is the son of 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regimental commander Michael Kauffman.

Jeffrey Michael Kauffman

Jeffrey Michael Kauffman (R) and Yuri Beckers (L) in Portland, Oregon.

Oct 7th 2016:
Last week I did a presentation on my WWII research of the 9th Infantry Division at the 2nd meeting of the Sons, Daughters and Grandchildren of the Hurtgen Forest Battle weekend  in Duren, Germany.


Myself doing a presentation on the 9th Infantry Division in World War 2

August 8th 2016:
Article about the 71st Annual Reunion that took place last weekend at Fort Myers:

January 6th 2015:
Article about Clyde Shull, a 9th Infantry Division veteran receiving the Legion of Honor medal:

May 22nd 2014:
Article about a family researching a 9th Infantry Division man. I provided some information as well:

December 17th 2012:
9th Infantry Division veteran gets war time jacket back after 70 years

November 12th 2012:
Father Connor’s Memorial Re-Dedication