9th Infantry Division

Welcome to the U.S. 9th Infantry Division in WWII website.

This website provides information about the World War Two actions of the American 9th Infantry Division.
The 9th Infantry Division was also known as “The Old Reliables” or “Notorious Ninth”.

The Division went through eight battles and was already a “veteran Division” by the time that D-Day started. Having fought in Algeria – French Morocco, Tunisia, and Sicily, the Division helped to cut off the French Peninsula during the battle of Normandy, fought their way through Belgium, and was among the first to set foot on German soil in September 1944. Here they fought heavy battles in the Huertgen Forest. After this they fought in the Ardennes, went across the Rhineland, and finally ended up in Central Europe. This website will provide information about the eight battles, Division and Unit histories, After-Action Reports, articles of visits to the former battlefields, pictures and special tribute pages, dedicated to the men who served with the 9th Infantry Division during World War Two.

A special section will be available for family members who wish to find out more about their father, grandfather, brother, uncle or maybe great uncle, who served in the 9th Division. I will provide information and try to help you find out more about the soldier in question. The information on this website is never complete, I will always keep adding information, and aiming to have a huge online source of information about this Division.

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This website is also my personal tribute to all the men who served in the 9th Infantry Division. They left their homes, families and friends, went to Europe, and fought in unknown places to liberate us, so we can live in freedom today. I will never forget what you have done for us.

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Paying my respects to a fallen Ninth Division man at one of the American Cemeteries.

Paying my respects to a fallen Ninth Division man at one of the American Cemeteries.