Artifacts from the past

On this page I will display 9th Infantry Division related items shared by veterans, their family members and from my personal collection. Many of these items were donated to me by the family members of 9th Infantry Division veterans or the veterans themselves, some were purchased.

Enjoy these 9th Infantry Division related artifacts from the past. – Yuri Beckers.



A great piece of 9th Infantry Division history. This is an uncut piece of cloth that contains 4 Octofoil insignia. These are early war type Octofoils.

Uncut front and back Octofoil piece.

Uncut front and back of a wool patch cloth containing 4 Octofoil shoulder sleeve insignia.

 Read more about the 9th Infantry Division Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI) on this page:
9th Infantry Division Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Wartime customized Wool Shirt:

A very nice piece of 9th Infantry Division history:
A M-1937 Wool shirt with added cotton lining. This was done to make the wool fabric less itchy.
Also of interest is the blue infantry piping around the Octofoil Shoulder Sleeve Insignia.

9th Infantry Division Wool Shirt

9th Infantry Division M-1937 Wool Shirt.