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– Out of Print Books and Publications –

Welcome to this books and publications page. These are books and publications that have helped me in my research to the 9th Infantry Division. Here I will list the books that have a tremendous amount of information about the 9th Infantry Division, but are out of print and hard to find these days. I have all of these in my collection, so feel free to contact me for any questions about them.

Official Unit and Division books:

9th Infantry Division – Eight Stars to Victory
9th Infantry Division – 1918-1968 Booklet
9th Infantry Division – Follow Thru – History of 60th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Division – The Raiders – History of the 47th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Division – Hitler’s Nemesis
9th Infantry Division – Hold Fast
9th Infantry Division – The Final Thrust

Other publications:

9th Infantry Division – Adventures of the men of the 60th IR in WWII
9th Infantry Division – History of the Ninth Reconnaissance Troop
9th Infantry Division – History of the 9th Infantry Division

Herbert Clark – God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
Hans Juergensen – Beachheads and Mountains
Jack R. Blann – A Private’s Diary
Richard B. Kann Jr.- Chronicle of the 39th 30-Jan-10 Part I
Richard B. Kann Jr.- Chronicle of the 39th 30-Jan-10 Part II
Robert Cardinell – The 9th Infantry Division in WWII as told by the men
Edwin H. Randle – Safi Adventure
William Butler – The Cage: Memoirs of a Medical Officer with the 39th Infantry Regiment in World War II
Roy K. Gordon – Fix Bayonets-Charge!
Roy K. Gordon – Battleground
Edward Hopkins – Memoirs of a Civilian/Soldier in World War II
Chester H. Jordan – Bull Sessions
William Kreye – The Pawns of War
Colonel Evert E. Stong – A Kasserine Beginning
Lewis E. Maness – From Quarterback to Brigadier General
Matt Urban – The Matt Urban Story
Lindsey Nelson – Hello Everybody, I’m Lindsey Nelson
Willard Norris – The Echoes that Remain: A Memoir
Joseph Rappazini – The Nobel Ninth: The Story of the Avenging Ghosts
Louis M Prince – Letters
Paul Boesch – Road to Huertgen
Orin C. Shockley – Random Choice

Henry Gerard Phillips – El Guettar – Crucible of Leadership
Henry Gerard Phillips – Sedjenana – The Pay Off Battle
Henry Gerard Phillips – Remagen: Springboard to Victory
Henry Gerard Phillips – Heavy Weapons

Mission Accomplished – The Story of the Campaigns of VII Corps
West Wall: Battles for Hitler’s Siegfried Line, September 1944 – March 1945 – Charles Whiting

US Army Green Books:

The Siegfried Line Campaign – Charles B. MacDonald
Rhineland: The US Army Campaigns of World War 2 – Ted Ballard
From Utah Beach to Cherbourg – Roland G. Ruppenthal