Les Champs de Losque

Then and Now
– Les Champs de Losque, France, 26 July 1944 –

9th Infantry Division Then and Now

                                                 9th Infantry Division Then and Now

26 July 1944

Les Champs de Losque area

La Courmiette Farm, just south of Les Champs de Losque.

While advancing toward the town of Marigny, the men of the 9th Infantry Division also pass through the area of Les Champs de Losque.
Just south of this hamlet is a farm named “La Courmiette“.

On July 26th, 1944, Major General Manton S. Eddy arrives by jeep, sitting in the passenger’s seat. As a commander of the 9th Infantry Division, he is here to monitor the area his men are advancing on, toward Marigny.

26 july 1944 - Manton Eddy at les champs de losque

26 July 1944 – Major General Manton S. Eddy at the farm “La Courmiette”, near Les Champs de Losque.

As you can see, little has changed. The stone wall on the right disappeared  as has a small extra wall next to the door on the right front.

La Courmiette Farm now

The same location at “La Courmiette” Farm in March 2021. (Alex Hockey)

Soon after this moment, an American First Army photographer, Corporal Alex H. Kapitanski, brings in a young German Paratrooper POW, named George Eidloth who was captured just north of Marigny. This picture was also taken at Le Coumiette, at the side of the farm along the stone wall.

A young German POW is being brought in by Corporal Alex H. Kapitanski at La Courmiette Les Champs de Losque.

As you can see, today the stone wall has disappeared and was replaced by a nice wooden fence.

La Courmiette Farm side now

The “La Courmiette” Farm side road as it is in March 2021. (Alex Hockey)


Connected pictures taken at La Courmiette Farm Les Champs de Losque – To give the readers an idea of the full layout of the farm and the side road. 

La Courmiette farm

La Courmiette farm now.

There is more to come in the 9th Infantry Division in WWII Normandy Then and Now series!I n the next Then and Now we will take a closer look at the town of Marigny. I want to thank Alex Hockey for making the “now” pictures in March 2021.