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Thousands of young men left their hometowns, families, friends and dreams behind to enter the US Army and fight in World War 2.
Many of these men were killed in action or got wounded. Others came home after the war. Some were never found. Read about them here.

9th Infantry Division Tribute Pages

Never forgotten, forever remembered…

All these men were part of the American 9th Infantry Division in WWII. They could have been an infantry soldier, a radio man, a cook, a jeep driver, be part of a Field Artillery Battalion, a mechanic, perhaps a Private, maybe a Sergeant. No matter what their rank or place within the Division was, they all helped to liberate Europe from the Nazi Occupation. These pages are tributes to young men who were part of this. I have to thank all the family members who have been providing me pictures and information about the lives of these fine men. Without their help many of these men would be forgotten. Their names would just be a name, but these pages will share some information about the lives that these men lived. Each of these men have a special place in my heart now. I am honored to have learned more about them, and I hope you will also take a moment to read about them. Click on any of the names in the above “Tributes” menu to read about some of the men of the 9th Infantry Division.

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This is my personal tribute to the 9th Infantry Division.
I know I can’t bring these men back, but I can make sure their names and stories will always be remembered.

It is not allowed to use any of the tribute pages pictures or texts without my permission. Please respect the family members of these men.