Stegeman Family retraces father’s WWII footsteps

In 2015 I visited the town of Mora, Minnesota to meet up with Lloyd Stegeman and his wonderful family. Lloyd served with the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion. This battalion was attached to the 9th Infantry Division and they fought many battles together. Between September and November 1944, several tanks of the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion were attached to the 47th Infantry Regiment of the 9th Infantry Division, and were positioned in the small town of Schevenhutte in Germany. Veteran Lloyd Stegeman never stopped thinking about these days. In 2015 we talked a lot about his time there, and a great newspaper article was written about our meeting.

Sadly, Lloyd passed away last year in September. However, his family met up with me and together, as part of the 5th Annual Hurtgen Forest Conference, we visited Schevenhutte during the first weekend of October and retraced his steps. Terry Salmela wrote another wonderful article for the Kanabec County Times about this special event that you can read here:

High Resolution copy of the newspaper article< click on the link

Stegeman Family retraces father's WWII footsteps in Germany.

Stegeman Family retraces father’s WWII footsteps in Germany.