Ninth Medical Battalion

Ninth Medical Battalion
“Where you lead, we follow”

Ninth Medical Battalion DI where you lead we follow

Ninth Medical Battalion DI 

The history of the Ninth Medical Battalion dates back to the World War Sanitary Train, established in 1918 and later demobilized in 1919. Its parent unit, the Ninth Medical Regiment, was established as an inactive unit of the Regular Army in 1923. On July 1st, 1940, the regiment was re-designated the Ninth Medical Battalion.

The first cadre for the Ninth Medics was drawn from the First Medical Battalion and the unit was brought to full strength with the induction of selectees, many of whom came from Camp Upton, New York. The Medics went through the training phases of the 9th Infantry Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where they were giving practical treatment in the field on training and operating dispensaries and aid stations.

Sailing with the Division, the Medics went ashore with the first wave of every landing and were always on hand to give aid to all persons, American, Allied or enemy, whom they found injured. Aid stations were set up on beaches under heavy enemy guns and stretcher bearers and aid men went right into the front lines to get the wounded in time.