Go Devils

“Go Devils!”
– The nickname of the 60th Infantry Regiment –

Go Devils 60th Infantry Regiment Logo

“Go Devils” 60th Infantry Regiment Logo

The Go Devils Story!

The “Go Devils” insignia of the 60th Infantry Regiment, depicting a red devil head, had its origin back in 1942.

In an interview with Lt. Col. Arden C. Brill, who at that point in time was a 2nd Lt., and Motor Officer of the 1st Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, he vividly remembered how the name came to life. During the Carolina Maneuvers the 60th Infantry Regiment was opposing the 44th Infantry Regiment in a mock battle. The 60th Infantry Regiment was smashing through all opposition, as they would later do in combat. The split second timing, precisioned movements and aggressiveness of the regiment during these motorized maneuvers gave birth to their name. Someone shouted “way to go, you devils!” The story and the name was shared by many men, and it became clear that the story reached far later that summer.

Colonel Manham, later to be the Commanding Officer of the 33rd Infantry Division and to be killed in a airplane accident, issued orders to the men of the 60th Infantry Regiment for an attack, and stated in part “Go you Devils!“*

The Regiment would later enter the battlefields of World War 2, forever known as the

“Go Devils”.

The men painted the letter G and O on both sides of a devil’s head on their helmets.

60th Infantry Regiment Go Devils Helmet

60th Infantry Regiment Go Devils Helmet

Go Devils 60th Infantry Regiment Helmet 2

60th Infantry Regiment Go Devils Helmet

Also, a “Go Devil” is a ramrod which is put in an oil pipeline and pushes its way through the line to clear out any abstractions so the oil may flow through smoothly. So, in that view the name is also applicable as the Regiment pushed through to clear the way for the other regiments that followed.**

* Go Devil – 60th Infantry Regiment Weekly Volume 1, number 1, Saturday August 11, 1945
Interview with Lt. Col. Arden C. Brill

** The Go Devil Newspaper – Fort Bragg  – August 1, 1941 Vol 1. No. 1