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9th Infantry Division Connection

9th Infantry Division Connection

Dear visitor,

In these modern days of technology and Social Media, I do miss the personal connection. Over the last 20 years, I have been in touch with over 700 families and close to 70 veterans. I am always trying to keep in touch from time to time as I feel that the men of the 9th Infantry Division connect all of us.

Now I have a lot of followers on my Social Media groups and pages. However, I realize that I don’t have any contact details from most of you.
In case one of the Social Media platforms will stop one day, we will also loose our connection. Therefor, I would like to make sure we can connect and keep in touch, no matter what happens. If you feel you want to connect as well, I would kindly like to ask you for your name and email address. This way, I can get in touch from time to time and share information or news about the 9th Infantry Division in WWII or my research with you.

Would you like to stay connected as well, then please fill in your name and email address in the following form:

Thank you. I am looking forward to stay connected.

With gratitude for the legacy of the 9th Infantry Division men and unit history,

Yuri Beckers

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