Over the years I have provided information about the World War 2 history of the 9th Infantry Division and its men who served in this Division to over 200 families and many veterans. I will add some testimonials about my research here. Feel free to contact me if you wish to have a testimonial included on this page. I appreciate it.
Thank you – Yuri Beckers.

“Your dedication and commitment to study the history of our great Division is admirable. Thank you for showing such an interest and for telling the story of what we have done in this great detail. You surely have my support for your projects”.
– Captain Charles Scheffel, 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division veteran.

A distant pen pal, but close and dear friend who has written extensively about the activity of the Ninth Infantry Division, based on his remarkable research about combat activities in Belgium and Germany during World War 2. Our attachment evolved through Yuri’s interest in my eleven months and five campaigns in the ETO, 1944 AND 1945“.
– Tech 5 Howie Beach, Ninth Reconnaissance Troop, 9th Infantry Division veteran.

Yuri must be one of the most authoritative researchers of the 9th Infantry Division’s actions in World War 2. Besides his extensive knowledge and passion for our combat history, he is a very kind person and has become a close friend to me over the years“.
– Sergeant Joseph Bergin, 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division veteran.

Please let me tell you how impressed I am by your knowledge on the actions of the Ninth during the Hurtgen Forest battles. I am looking forward to exchange information with you and do some research projects together. Keep up the good work, we need young people like yourself to keep the memory of our Division alive“.
– Lt. Col. Henry “Red” Phillips, 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division veteran / Official 9th Infantry Division Historian.

“Modern society is generally moving away from the appreciation and value of history. Along with this, unfortunately fewer people passionately pursue an interest for research toward the preservation of individual stories of sacrifice regarding our veterans. Yuri Beckers’ unwavering, unselfish dedication to the families of veterans provides refreshing new hope in order that the experiences and hard ships of loved ones will be remembered in all perpetuity. Yuri has a wonderful loving young family and has already begun the process of passing on the importance of these ultimate sacrifices to his beautiful young daughter so that she too will also understand freedom comes with a heavy price. A generation apart, Yuri and I have connected on every issue, and every level of research which we share with equal passion. I am proud and honored to know him”.
– Michael Fraticelli – http://www.ww2survivorstories.com/

Thank you for your great work what you are doing for the Greatest Generation and their children and grandchildren. It is always a pleasure to visit your Homepage Yuri! Your friend, Albert.
– Albert Trostorf, Mayor of Merode, Germany also author & WWII historian.

“To anyone who reads this: Yuri has been most helpful in providing me some great information about my grandfather’s service with the 9th Infantry Division. I can recommend him if you need information about this often forgotten Division. The documentation and personal knowledge Yuri has shared with me have been distributed in my whole family, and means the world to us. From the way that Yuri writes, it is clear to us that he is very passionate about this Division and the men. Please make sure to spread the word about this website. Thank you Yuri, for all you have done to remember these men and this Division”.
– The Daniels family, related to Robert Daniels, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division Veteran.