34th Field Artillery Battalion

34th Field Artillery Battalion
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34th Field Artillery Battalion DI

34th Field Artillery Battalion DI

Origin and World War I:
The 34th Field Artillery Regiment, to which the 34th Field Artillery Battalion is a successor, was first organized in August, 1918 at Camp McClellan, Alabama. It then was a unit of the 12th Field Artillery Brigade, 12th Division, in compliance with a memorandum from the General Staff dated July 5, 1918, and General Orders No. 20, Headquarters, Camp McClellan, Alabama, August 2, 1918.  It remained in training at that station until February 6, 1919 when it was demobilized.

It was reconstituted July 22, 1929, as an inactive unit of the Regular Army.

34th Field Artillery Battalion men in front of their 155mm Howitzer

World War II:
On August 1, 1940, the 34th Field Artillery Regiment was activated per General Orders Number 1, Headquarters, Ninth Division, of that date. A cadre of 107 men of the Fifth Field Artillery arrived by rail from Madison Barracks, New York, August 5, 1940, and was organized as Casual Detachment No. 1, 34th Field Artillery. On August 10, 1940, a cadre of 107 men of the 77th Field Artillery, Fort D.A. Russell, Texas, arrived and was organized as Casual Detachment No. 2, 34th Field Artillery. On August 20th, 1940, Lieutenant Colonel Douglas J. Page was assigned an joined and became the first permanent commanding officer of the Regiment. Pursuant to instructions contained in a letter from the Adjutant General’s Office, Washington,  D.C., dated September 25, 1940, and General Orders No. 7, Headquarters, Ninth Division, September 24, 1940, the 34th Field Artillery was re-designated the 34th Field Artillery Battalion, and on October 1, 1940, it was reorganized as such.

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, First Battalion, 34th Field Artillery, was re-designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Ninth Division Artillery.  Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Second Battalion, 34th Field Artillery was re-designated as Supply and Ammunition Battery, 34th Field Artillery.  Battery D was reorganized from a 155-mm. howitzer battery to a 75-mm. gun anti-tank battery.The battalion conducted its first service practice on October 11, 1940, with Battery D, commanded by Captain R.T. Finn, firing the first round.  Since that time, the battalion has followed a rigid training program, training its men, among which are many recruits, to be the best of the “Red-legs.”

The 34th Field Artillery Battalion used the 155mm Howitzers.