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– 9th Infantry Division Call Signs

9th Infantry Division Radioman

The 9th Infantry Division radioman had to know all the call signs.

In wartime, communications between Divisions, Battalions and Companies had to be done by using so called “Call Signs”. This was a “code” word for each group to protect any form of information that might fall into the hands of the enemy. These call signs can often be found in radio conversations and reports.

During World War 2, the first letter of a Division would usually be the first letter of the call sign name. The code name assigned by the US Army to the 9th Infantry Division was “Notorious“. All components of the Ninth Division were given code names that started with the letter “N”. After doing some research, I was able to find several of the call signs that were used by the 9th Infantry Division. In some of the radio reports we can see how these call signs are being used. Some of them are actually pretty funny to read.

The call signs:

The list of call signs used by the 9th Infantry Division that are known to me:

9th Infantry Division: Notorious

39th Infantry Regiment: Nudge
47th Infantry Regiment: Nostril
60th Infantry Regiment: Nutmeg

9th Infantry Division Artillery HQ: Noisy
26th Field Artillery Battalion: Nudist
34th Field Artillery Battalion: Normal
60th Field Artillery Battalion: Nuptial
84th Field Artillery Battalion: Notary

9th Medical Battalion: Nostrum
9th Infantry Division Reconnaissance Troop: Nomad
9th Infantry Division Signal Company: Nora
9th Quartermaster Company: Nougat
15th Engineer Battalion: Noxema

746th Tank Battalion: Campus – Blue
899th Tank Destroyer Battalion: Jersey
376th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion (Mobile): Noble

9th Infantry Division Radio Report

Part of a 9th Infantry Division Radio Report

More codes:

The Battalions were given the colors of the Division patch from the top to bottom:

1st Battalion = Red
2nd Battalion = White
3rd Battalion = Blue

If we take a look at this code name:

“Nutmeg Red Able One Leader”

It can be decoded as:

Nutmeg = 60th Infantry Regiment
Red = 1st Battalion
Able = Company A
One = 1st Platoon
Leader = Leader

This comes to being the 1st Platoon Leader of Company A, part of 1st Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment.

Also known is that “Six” or “6” is the commander of a unit. “Nudge Blue Six” means:
Commander of 3rd Battalion of the 39th Infantry Regiment.

In the report it also says “Omaha”. This is the call sign for the 3rd Armored Division

I would like to give a special thanks to Jay Weinstein, Claude Berghorn and Frederic Blais for providing me the information that is used on this page.

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