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Yuri and daughter Nora at one of the adopted graves.

Yuri and his daughter Nora at one of the adopted graves.

9th Infantry Division Research

For the last 17 years I have been doing dedicated research to the World War 2 history of the 9th Infantry Division. In order to get a good archive of information,  I have been investing a lot of money. Requesting large amount of documents through various archives, tracking down and buying hard to find publications, visiting the former battlefields, and making trips to meet up with veterans to record their stories. Then there are the costs of papers I print, postage for information packages or letters I am mailing out, and the hosting of this website. You can imagine that all of these things add up to a large amount that I am investing every month, all voluntarily.

Through this page I would like to ask for a donation to support my research projects. All the money that is donated here, will go straight into this research again.

The purpose of doing this research is not making money, but making sure that the men, the actions and the stories of the 9th Infantry Division in World War 2 will never be forgotten. These stories need to be preserved and shared with the world.

Any amount is very much appreciated.
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