84th Field Artillery Battalion

84th Field Artillery Battalion
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84th Field Artillery Battalion DI

84th Field Artillery Battalion DI

Origin and World War I:
The 84th Field Artillery Battalion was first organized as the 84th Field Artillery Regiment at Camp Sheridan, Alabama, on October 3, 1918. It was still in training when the Armistice was signed and the regiment was demobilized at Camp Sheridan on December 13, 1918.

It was reconstituted as an active unit of the Regular Army in 1930.  The First Battalion of the Regiment was on active status from July 1, 1936, to September 30, 1939.

84th Field Artillery Battalion

Field Artillery Battery providing fire support during the battle of Normandy, France, 1944

World War II:
The regiment was re-designated as the 84th Field Artillery Battalion and made active at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, October 1, 1940. Prior to that time, it had been in existence or a brief period as the Third Battalion, 26th Field Artillery. At the time of its designation as the 84th Field Artillery Battalion, Major E.C. Norman was assigned as commanding officer of the 27 officers and 472 enlisted men which made up the personnel of the battalion. The 84th Field Artillery Battalion will eventually be equipped with the truck-drawn 105-mm. howitzer.

Within two months of the original arrival of its recruits at Fort Bragg, the gun batteries of the battalion were firing on the artillery range. The gun squads were almost entirely made up of recruits.  The majority of these experienced soldiers came to Fort Bragg from the 12th and 15th Field Artillery stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, veteran regiments of the famous World War I 2nd Division.

As part of the Ninth Division, the 84th Field Artillery battalion supported the 47th Infantry Regiment as one of the Division combat teams, using 105mm Howitzers.