Ninth News

Ninth News
– 9th Infantry Division News Articles –

Here you will find articles related to the 9th Infantry Division that have been published online or in newspapers.

Oct 7th 2016:
Last week I did a presentation on my WWII research of the 9th Infantry Division at the 2nd meeting of the Sons, Daughters and Grandchildren of the Hurtgen Forest Battle weekend  in Duren, Germany.


Myself doing a presentation on the 9th Infantry Division in World War 2

August 8th 2016:
Article about the 71st Annual Reunion that took place last weekend at Fort Myers:

January 6th 2015:
Article about Clyde Shull, a 9th Infantry Division veteran receiving the Legion of Honor medal:

May 22nd 2014:
Article about a family researching a 9th Infantry Division man. I provided some information as well:

December 17th 2012:
9th Infantry Division veteran gets war time jacket back after 70 years

November 12th 2012:
Father Connor’s Memorial Re-Dedication