Carmelo B. Guido

Private Carmelo B. Guido
– Company A, 1st Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment

Missing In Action

Private Carmelo B. Guido during training in 1941.

Carmelo was the son of Sicilian immigrants and was born in Sicily in 1917. His family then moved to the USA where they lived in New York. On January 17th, 1941 he enlisted in the US Army in Buffalo New York.

The war brought him to Europe, and in December 1944, he found himself in the Hurtgen Forest area where a battle was raging in the small town of Merode. As part of the 39th Infantry Regiment, Carmelo helped to capture the Merode castle and securing the town. However, on December 12th, 1944 he lay down with some comrades to sleep in a house in Merode. During the night, a mortar shell hit the house and set it on fire. All the soldiers, except Carmelo B. Guido managed to leave the house. Guide was killed in the flames. The house burned down completely. His remains were never found and is still considered a missing person case.

Carmelo’s name in the casualty reports.

His name can be found on the “Wall of Missing” at the cemetery in Margraten/NL.

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Information about Carmelo provided by Albert Trostorf.