Edward R Bisanz

PFC Edward R. Bisanz
– 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division –

PFC. Edward R. Bisanz

PFC. Edward R. Bisanz 

Edward was born in Alpena County, Michigan in 1921 or 1922 as one of 7 kids. Edward has  3 brothers and 3 sisters.

We are still trying to find out more about the early life of Edward and when he enlisted in the US Army.

Wounded and captured in Belgium.

It is highly likely that PFC Bisanz was captured during the crossing of the Meuse River in Belgium on the 7th of September 1944.
The 9th Infantry Division reached the Meuse River in Belgium on September 4th, 1944.  It is most probable that PFC Bisanz was a member of the 2nd Battalion of the 60th Infantry Regiment. At this time, the 2nd Battalion’s objective was the town of Mesnil St. Blaise. After the attack started, the men crossed the river and climbed up a steep embankment on the other side. It was just beginning to get light and another enemy machine gun opened up from the south. The men found themselves split by this fire into roughly three groups. When the men tried to escape to the north they were hit by heavy machine gun fire. About 10 or 12 men were behind this rock and cut from the rest of the Company by larger boulders. They finally managed to escape by swimming around the rock down the river to safety. 5 men that were wounded, and a Sergeant that stayed with them did not manage to get away. We can only presume, but it is highly possible that Edward R. Bisanz was part of this small group of wounded men. The enemy called for the group to surrender, and they finally were captured. It was impossible to fire on the enemy as they had the American prisoners marching ahead of them as they advanced from the base of fire established by the machine gun.

From here, Edward was then taken to a prisoner of war camp at Stalag 6G – “Prussia 50-07 “in Bonn, Germany where he is presumed to have passed away on September 15th, 1944.

The body of PFC Edward R. Bisanz has never been recovered. His name is now mentioned on the Wall of Missing at the American Cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands where his name reminds us of his sacrifice for our freedom.

Edward R. Bisanz Wall of Missing

The name of Edward R. Bisanz on the Wall of Missing at the American Cemetery in Margraten, The Netherlands.

We are still researching PFC Bisanz, and if you have any information about his life, please contact us.

For this Tribute I would like to give my sincere thanks to the dedicated research volunteers of the 9th Infantry Division MIA Project, Francesca Cumero and Lisa Froug-Hirano. Also, a special thank you to Edward’s family member Mark A. Bisanz who provided the picture.
We will update the page when we have obtained more information.